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New York Deli-Talk

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

by Liz von Achen

New York, New York — it’s a helluva town. “The city” (as it’s known to suburbanites living east on Long Island) is world-renowned as the ethnic ‘melting pot’ of America. If you’ve ever visited “the city,” you’ve probably visited a New York delicatessen. Perhaps you’ve had a pastrami or corned beef on rye at a popular Kosher deli such as Katz’s Delicatessen, (known as the city’s oldest) or the world famous Carnegie Deli, a New York city landmark since 1937.

There has been much debate about which deli is “THE BEST” deli in New York, and I suspect that THE BEST deli in New York probably isn’t actually even in “the city.” THE BEST deli in New York is most likely east of Manhattan — on Long Island, nestled somewhere in the suburban sprawl of Nassau and Suffolk counties.

There is nothing quite like a Long Island deli — anywhere. Trust me on that. Many have tried and failed to recreate the magic of the Long Island deli in other parts of the country such as Las Vegas or Southern Florida. For some reason, Long Island deli sandwiches cannot be accurately replicated anywhere. It’s the bread. Actually, I’m told it’s the water in the bread which makes the bagels and kaiser rolls of this area taste so darn good.

A typical Long Island deli will feature Boar's Head cold cuts.

A typical Long Island deli will feature Boar's Head cold cuts.