Never Forget

I’ve always loved this time of year – when the humidly thick and hot air of summer gives way to the crisp coolness of fall.  When I can rejoice in reintroducing boots and jackets into my clothing repertoire.  When the dense forest of green donning the surrounding Westchester hills begins its own wardrobe transformation;  gradually adding orange, yellow and red as each day passes.

It’s back-to-school, and those ragamuffin kids across the street are no longer sticking to themselves and loudly playing summer yard games past their bedtime.  Instead, they politely come around knocking on the door at dinnertime, hawking over-priced kitchen gadgets, greeting cards and candles from slickly printed fund-raising catalogs, which of course, I can’t resist. I take a gamble and buy the most potentially useful (or useless) gadget I could find .

It’s the time of year that heralds the seemingly magical appearance of Mallomars cookies on the grocery store shelves, as well as colorfully decorated pumpkins on the neighbors’ front porches.

After a long regular summer season of baseball, fans are charged-up for the post-season pennant race, pinning their hopes on their favorites to make it to the World Series.  For those whose favorites are nowhere in the race; well, there’s always next year.  And, there’s always football. The 2012 NFL season kicked-off on September 5th, with most football fans across the nation feeling, if not optimistic, at least hopeful for their teams.

Foodies and fans of locally grown produce (such as myself) are happily gathering fresh harvests of carrots, and filling the house with the wonderfully rich scents of autumn by slow cooking soup, spiced with nutmeg, cloves and a touch of cinnamon.

Fall has always been a hopeful and happy time of year for me – to leave all the dull predictability of summer behind, and behold and imagine something new.  New clothes? New teachers? New Classmates? New test scores? New opportunities? New President?

It’s sad that this hopeful, happy time of year for so many of us is forever marred and made solemn by the unconscionable acts of just a few, as we remember our loved ones who perished on 9-11.

As sad as it is, this day must always be a solemn day for reflection and remembrance.  Today, I honor and remember all the innocent victims of 9-11.  My heart goes to their families, and I tearfully grieve with them.

- Never forget!


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